Our properties are 100% keyless access.

Your keyless access

How to access your holiday rental.

All our holiday home properties comply with DTCM guidelines, including recent mandates for keyless access for guests.

Please watch the short video see how it works.

Staying in Dubai Vacation Homes Keyless property?

The lead name on the booking will receive an email from Keyless.ae

(Please check your spam/junk)

Hello from Keyless!
You have been assigned access to a lock by DVH Holiday Homes on your email address – leadname@youremail.com. Download the Keyless mobile application and sign up with your email address – leadname@youremail.com to access the door.

Download the Keyless App from your App Store

Keyless Access Faq

Answers to your keyless questions

1. Do I get a access code to unlock the door?

No, the Keyless App on your phone unlocks your door.

2. Do, I need internet access to use the Keyless App?

No, Bluetooth operates the accessibility; you only need internet access to download the app to your phone.

3. Can I have a key?

Sorry no, the Keyless lock system is a mandate by the DTCM

Can I share access with other's staying with me?

Yes, you can give shared access via your Keyless App. Just click "Share Access," then click the + icon. Add their email and name. They will receive an email and will need to download the App.